Subscribe to E-mail Converter

When you subscribe to a bizsolutions365.com Solution, you never have to use old or bad software. Instead you can always have applications that work well and are compatible with both the latest Microsoft technologies and older platforms.

An E-mail Converter Subscription is valid for the whole company or organization. This is included in all three subscription levels:

Free use within your company or organization. There is no per-user fee and no restrictions on the number of users or installations, as long as they are within your organization.

Free support. Should you get problems with the solution you are subscribing to, we are here to assist you!

Free upgrades. As the bizsolutions365.com Solutions are built on top of Microsoft platforms, they should be upgraded often to adapt to and take advantage of new versions and technologies. The bizsolutions365.com Solutions are easy to upgrade, and with a subscription you can be sure to always have modern and well functioning software.


For the two lower subscription levels, Minimum and Medium, E-mail Converter calls out to the internet to check the registration and create Excel reports.

The Premium subscription gives a unique, register free copy of E-mail Converter that can be used in closed networks as well. In that case, we can provide an Excel Report web site package, to be hosted on a local server.


Subscription fee per organization: EUR 1890 / USD 2200 per year or EUR 158 / USD 190 per month.

Gives your organization the right to free use of Calendar Browser, support and upgrades included.

This is the right level for smaller companies and organizations who want to use only one bizsolutions365 Solution and do not need the extra benefits of a Premium Subscription

Subscription fee per organization: EUR 2190 / USD 2469 per year or EUR 183 / USD 209 per month.

Gives the right to use E-mail Converter and one more Gold Solution. You may also use one Silver Solution without extra cost. Refer to the bizsolutions365.com products page to make your choice!

Support and upgrades are included for all products, and they may be used freely within the subscribing organization. This is the right level for companies and organizations who want to take advantage of the benefits given by a combination of bizsolutions365.com Solutions that work well together but who do not need the extra benefits of a Premium Subscription.

Subscription fee per organization: EUR 4800 / USD 7200 per year or USD 600 per month + a one time payment of USD 2000.

The Premium level is designed for companies and organizations who wish to have the highest level of service and influence. It gives the right to use Calendar Browser and any additional bizolutions365.com Solutions. There is no limit in the number of solutions you may use.

Premium Subscribers get VIP treatment in all contacts. We consider requests from all subscribers, but we listen extra carefully to Premium Subscribers, and a Premium Subscriber with a problem will be assisted with highest priority.

As Premium Subscriber you are entitled to receive a unique copy of Calendar Browser for Outlook and any other requested bizsolutions365.com Solution. This Premium copy has your company logo on the major forms, and no registration is needed.

NOTE: School, charities and non-profit organizations get a discount of 50 % on the subscription fees for the bizsolutions365.com Gold Solutions.


Please contact our Sales Department to pay the subscription fee once a year, with credit card or a bank transfer.. We will send you an invoice with payment details, and after that we will send an invoice for renewal each year.

For monthly payments with credit card, please refer to our payment partner PayPal.