Future Development of E-mail Converter

These are some enhancements we wish to give E-mail Converter. The priorities are fluent, but if you like a feature and wish to make it reality soon, you are very welcome to sponsor it.



Support for all SharePoint field types (currently only Text and Choice). This is a big project that will take time. We will probably have to take some field types one or two at a time.

The E-mail Converter installer will create a mapped list in the selected SharePoint site, for the administrator to use as it is or customize.

Possibility to create new Outlook fields and get them transferred to any SharePoint field.


Automatic e-mails. Workflows for automatic e-mails can be created in SharePoint, and we even have a manual for it, but creating a workflow is rather complicated and we would prefer to add the possibility to send automatic e-mails into E-mail Converter.

Possibility to manually create tickets from several e-mails at the same time by using the Ctrl button with the Create ticket button.

Possibility to have e-mails marked as read after ticket creation.

Possibility to manually add an e-mail to an existing ticket instead of creating a new ticket from it. This feature is for the cases where the automatic e-mail threading does not work, for example if the e-mail subject does not have a ticket ID.


Possibility to have E-mail Converter automatically open manually created tickets

Make it possible to include CC in the e-mail thread.

Add a feature that enables E-mail Converter to set any custom value in SharePoint on a new item when it is created.

Make it possible to delete the ticket associated with a selected e-mail directly from Outlook, without having to go to the SharePoint list.

View selection for the Statistics and the Merge ticket feature: we will give the option to select view from the available SharePoint views and then populate only the tickets shown in this view in the Statistics/ Merge tickets list.

E-mail threading will be a per list setting. Now the check box applies to all lists.


Possibility to use E-mail Converter with smart phones We plan to build simple web-interface for both our issue-tracking solutions wherein the user can view and update his/her own tickets. In addition to that we hope to give users the ability to record audio updates as well as upload images directly from their mobile phones.

You are welcome with your own suggestions on how to improve E-mail Converter!

We are grateful if you use the support e-mail for this, and the more you can describe how you want it to work, the better. You can leave technical solution to us, just tell us how you want to use your new feature.