About E-mail Converter

Convert Emails to SharePoint List Items 24/7

Repeated feature requests from different organizations prompted us to make a round-the-clock automatic converter of emails to SharePoint list items. BizSolutions365’s Email Converter for Azure and SharePoint automatically converts emails into SharePoint list items every continuously.

Email Converter for Azure and SharePoint is installed on Azure, where it converts all incoming emails in the specified folder(s) to list items in the selected SharePoint list(s). You can connect Email Converter for Azure and SharePoint to the preferred mailbox and SharePoint list(s), and all incoming emails will be automatically converted to SharePoint list items.

Email Converter can monitor multiple email folders and convert the emails to items in the same or different SharePoint lists. Email Converter supports all Exchange Web Service emails including – Office 365, Windows Live, and Microsoft Exchange. Installation on Azure is needed.

Outlook Help desk Plug-in

With Folder HelpDesk, you can turn your Microsoft Outlook into an incident management and ticketing system. And offer effortless customer support with Outlook help desk plug-in.

Folder HelpDesk makes it easy to convert emails into tickets.

You can convert it manually, or just let all emails in a folder be automatically converted. All formatting from the email is kept, and attachments and images are transferred to the ticket.

Information about the sender

Information about the sender of the e-mail is also entered into the ticket, like e-mail address, name, and telephone number.

The ticket is a standard Outlook post item

You can use all the Outlook features – for example, spell check the ticket text, insert attachments and images in the ticket and use a reading pane in the ticket list.

Send Emails from Folder HelpDesk.

There are templates for various automatic emails, for example, when a ticket is created or a case is closed, and you can also send email answers and messages manually from inside the ticket.


Rich text, formatting, attached files, embedded images, priority, sender information: all can be included in the item.

E-mail Converter works with all list templates provided by Microsoft for SharePoint, except library templates.

Distribute incoming emails from different Outlook folders to different SharePoint lists.

The E-mail Converter administrator can create custom Excel reports for performance analysis.

Add all emails for the same case in one SharePoint item. And, merge several SharePoint items, or parts of them, into one.

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