Upgrade Calendar Browser

Subscribers are welcome to download the latest version of Calendar Browser and upgrade their installations at no extra cost.

When you run the installer, select the alternative Repair/Upgrade and then the existing Calendar Browser Outlook folder. No users should run Calendar Browser during the upgrade.



Download CalendarBrowserSetup in .exe or .zip format. (Extract the .zip file.)

From a client where Outlook is closed, run the newly downloaded Setup file, CalendarBrowserSetup.exe to start the installation.

In the installation type dialog, select ‘Repair/Upgrade previous version of Calendar Browser’ and click Next.

Specify the Outlook folder of your existing Calendar Browser installation.

Upgrade the Calendar Browser Client. Each client will be prompted to do so next time Calendar Browser is started.
The client upgrade may also be done centrally using Group Policy in Active Directory. The file CBClientSetup.msi, can be used for both methods of client upgrade. It is supplied in the download and can be found in the Calendar Browser server folder.